Catalog and Brochure Design Services

We create. develop. form. every catalog design, with a goal in mind.

Clients partner with us to access over 39 years of catalog design expertise. We design catalogs and brochures to make the cash register ring.

Three Common Problems Using Freelancers

Problem One:

Too Many Hassles: Usually you spend countless hours running around getting all the information … Dealing with an “ar-Teest” who wants to express himself instead of promoting your products … Endless meetings and messages trying to make the designers understand what you want and need … Been there?

Problem Two:

If you can endure the gathering phase of getting your product list together, get ready for the long wait while the design firm absorbs and sorts this info-typically your job is turned over to someone who can design but has never really thought about selling a product, only impressing their design peers with snazzy graphics …Ever say, “looks nice but why can’t you understand what we want?”

Problem Three:

: In a typical catalog design project there are always hidden costs involved. A design firm spends two days laying out a two-page spread with sixteen products laid out perfectly … you add three more and the pages have to be redone … a photoshoot is planned and the photographer stands around at $200/hr while the products are sorted out … a theme is chosen and then drifted away from … Sound familiar?

What Clients Say About Us?


“Working with Lofty Designs and Mike Mitchell makes the technical catalog happen. Mike has the ability to take technical information and present it in an eye catching way. He has the patience and questioning skills to convert technical information to marketing tools. Our catalog is a big asset to our sales staff.”

Dudley Burwell, Technical Director, ISCO Industries, LLC


“When given the task of updating our 30 year old Catalog/Engineering Handbooks, I was overwhelmed. Mike guided me through the process of trying to please both the aesthetics required by Marketing and the technical jargon needed by Engineering. Deadlines are real to him and he never failed us. The resulting handbook exceeded our expectations.”

Blanche Kent, Manager, Applications Marketing, Axsys Technologies, Inc.


"The creation of a single-piece technical product catalog was our #1 strategic marketing directive for 2006. However, our Marketing Group was, quite frankly, overwhelmed with the process of pulling information on our thousands of products from various sources, and then compiling this into a structured and useful tool. Lofty Designs was instrumental in managing the development of our catalog from information gathering and formatting to final design and printing. The end result was an informational tool for our customers that we believe to be the finest in our industry. Thanks, Mike!"

Greg Russell, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Georg Fischer Piping Systems


“Our new catalog, designed for us by Lofty Designs, is the best among the many produced in our 32 years in business.”

Robert D. Stottle, President, Thermal Corporation


“Working with Lofty Designs makes the catalog design process run smoothly. Getting from idea to the final product, with the initial concept intact, is accomplished with no wasted effort.”

Steve May, Marketing, Chandler/May, Inc.


“We continually get compliments on our company brochure, thanks to Lofty Designs. They combine great creativity and skill and the result is always a superior product catalog. When there is a deadline, Lofty Designs puts in whatever hours it takes to get the job done on time and they never miss.”

Paul Rainosek, President, General Standards Corporation


“Give Lofty Designs a concept and the information, develop a time line, and your catalog WILL be done.”

Tony Baugh, President, Southeastern Marketing


“We recently worked with Lofty Designs on a technical marketing document. Mike was very patient in working with our engineering & marketing team. He is a great listener and has a remarkable ability to transform rough sketches and ideas into concrete graphics that effectively communicate our products & services. Thanks to Mike’s experience within his industry, he was able to meet our stringent delivery requirements and the quality exceeded our expectations.”

Cheri McKechnie, Marketing, Plasma Processes


"We have been working with Lofty Designs for several years. Mike Mitchell does an excellent job designing our school supply catalog. Mike is easy to work with and has great ideas."

Bethea Smith
, President, 
Quality Products, Inc.


"I had no experience with making a catalog, but knew it was something I needed to do. The biggest obstacle was that I thought it was going to be too expensive for a small company like ours. But when I found Mike's website, and saw how experienced he was, I had to call him. Frankly, I can't imagine where I'd been without his guidance and work. Mike is easy to work with, sticks to what he says and has a long track-record of success in the catalog business. I've now worked with Mike for almost a year and a half, and I even had a chance to meet him personally. You can take my word for it - Mike's the guy you need if you're going to do a catalog. If you'd like to contact me for specific questions, Mike is allowed to provide you with my contact information. The best way I can thank him for his work is with a solid and confident recommendation to others who are in the same situation as I."

Matt Samp, Owner,


Lofty design offered a truly “one stop” solution to all our catalog designing needs. In our initial catalog launch, Mike was able to provide his experience and unique vision to create an easy to navigate, informative tool which displays our expansive product offering. “Give him your root idea and he will respond with a systematic approach toward achieving your objectives in graphic design”.

Frank Prenda, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Gemtex Abrasives, LLC